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23403 E Mission Ave
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Spokane District Dental Society
23403 E Mission Ave, Suite 104
Liberty Lake, WA 99019

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How do dentists join the Tripartite system (ADA, WSDA, and local Component Society)?
•  Dentists, who are licensed in the State of Washington and are interested in joining, should visit http://www.wsda.org/membership/become-a-member/ where they can enter their information allowing us to contact the ADA to obtain a membership dues quote. They may also contact WSDA at 800-448-3368 or via email at martinat@wsda.org.
•  The dentist will then receive an email with their membership dues quote and an application.
•  We then ask the dentist to complete and return the application to the WSDA with payment (credit card/check).
•  At this point we will check for any disciplinary action against the dentist, note this if applicable, and forward the application to the component society (Spokane District Dental Society) for approval.

Is there a reduced dues schedule for new graduates and/or new members of organized dentistry?
Yes, new graduates are encouraged to contact the WSDA following graduation in order to waive dues for the year of graduation. Dentists who have not previously been members of any State Association or the ADA are also eligible for reduced dues. The WSDA schedule for recent graduates and dentists not previously members of the tripartite system are as follows:
1st Year 15 percent of active member dues
2nd Year 30 percent of active member dues
3rd Year 45 percent of active member dues
4th Year 75 percent of active member dues

New graduates who were previously members of the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) meeting certain criteria shall have his or her dues reduced an additional 5 percent of active membership dues for each of the four years of membership.

What are the differences between retired membership and retired life membership and what do I do with a retirement form?
An active member no longer earning income from dentistry may change his or her membership status to RETIRED by completing and returning the required Retirement form to the Component. The retirement form must be first approved by the Component society, signed and then sent to the WSDA who will forward to the ADA.

An active member who reaches the age of 65 or older and has 30 consecutive years or 40 total years of active and retired membership in the ADA (five of which were in the WSDA) qualify for RETIRED LIFE MEMBERSHIP by submitting an affidavit attesting that the member no longer earns income from dentistry.

An active member who reaches the age of 65 or older, earns income from dentistry and has 30 consecutive years or 40 total years of active and retired membership in the ADA (five of which were in a constituent dental society) qualifies for ACTIVE LIFE MEMBERSHIP.

Are there membership dues waivers and what is the process?
The Secretary/Treasurer or President of a component society may grant a financial waiver or a disability waiver at 50, 75 or 100 percent of full dues to members who are not already on a reduced dues schedule. (Waiver Application attached). Only members in good standing the prior year are eligible for a waiver. The WSDA and the ADA will mirror the component society's decision on the waiver amount. The waiver must be first approved by the Component society at the 50, 75, or 100 percent reduction, signed and then sent to the WSDA who will forward to the ADA. *Please note that a 25% dues waiver resolution will be brought to the 2011 ADA House of Delegates for approval.

When are membership renewal notices/dues invoices sent out?
The first set of membership invoices are sent out via mail and email (urging members to pay online) in the last week of October for the upcoming calendar year's membership. Paper invoices as well as emails reminders will be sent periodically from this point on with the Final notice being sent in March.

Is there a payment plan for membership dues?
A twelve-month payment plan (monthly by credit card and only available online) is available to renewing members that sign up by December 15th. A $72 service charge is added to their payment.

What methods of payment are accepted by the WSDA to pay dues?
Check, American Express, VISA and MasterCard

If members choose not to renew membership, when is the membership terminated? If their membership is terminated, how can they apply to be reinstated?
A member who is not participating in a payment plan and whose dues are not paid in full by March 31 will be dropped from membership. If a member participating in the payment plan and is more than 30 days in default of any payment after notice, their membership will be dropped. In order to be reinstated, a member must reapply for membership and must pay in full their membership dues for that year.


23403 E Mission Ave, Suite 218
Liberty Lake, WA, 99019
Phone: 509-838-0436
Fax: 509-838-5040

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