Spokane District Dental Society
23403 E Mission Ave
Liberty Lake, WA 99019-7553
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About Us

President and Past Presidents

Dr. William Petersen

Past Presidents
2017-18 Dr. Mark Paxton
2016-17 Dr. Jeff Henneberg
2015-16 Dr. Lisa Ellingsen
2014-15 Dr. Jonathan Judd
2013-14 Dr. Jared Evans
2012-13 Dr. S. Tyler Shoemaker
2011-12 Dr. Chad P. Collins
2010-11 Dr. I. Blake McKinley, Jr.
2009-10 Dr. Bradley Jarvis
2008-09 Dr. David Engen
2007-08 Dr. Amir A. Ganji
2006-07 Dr. Ryan R. Love
2005-06 Dr. Sue Weishaar
2004-05 Dr. Brandy Richey
2003-04 Dr. Steven Waite
2002-03 Dr. Bryan D. Anderson
2001-02 Dr. Bradley L. DeCounter
2000-01 Dr. John R. Ames
1999-00 Dr. Anthony Giardino
1998-99 Dr. Gerald S. Phipps
1997-98 Dr. Michael Aslin
1996-97 Dr. James D. Valentine
1995-96 Dr. John T. Little, III
1995-96 Dr. John T. Little, III
1994-95 Dr. Mary Krempasky Smith
1993-94 Dr. Robert R. Shaw
1992-93 Dr. James F. Quigley
1991-92 Dr. Gary Shellerud
1990-91 Dr. John Madden
1989-90 Dr. Lawrence R. Lawton
1988-89 Dr. James M. Millard
1987-88 Dr. Stanley Sargent
1986-87 Dr. Kevin King
1985-86 Dr. George Nauert
1984-85 Dr. David Petersen
1983-84 Dr. Kenneth M. Collins
1982-83 Dr. Warren Wellens
1981-82 Dr. Lynn Whiting
1980-81 Dr. James O'Connell
1979-80 Dr. Norm McLellan
1978-79 Dr. James Harken
1977-78 Dr. Dr. Gerold Lamers
1976-77 Dr. Alfred Heston
1975-76 Dr. Clifford O. Caldwell, Jr.
1974-75 Dr. George Wood
1973-74 Dr. Ted Dill
1972-73 Dr. Samuel Kersey
1971-72 Dr. Joe Lavin
1970-71 Dr. Gene Eiden
1969-70 Dr. Jerome Prahl
1968-69 Dr. Ted Harper
1967-68 Dr. Ted Blomquist
1966-67 Dr. Otto Stevens
1965-66 Dr. Dennis Kelly
1964-65 Dr. Joe Moran
1963-64 Dr. Douglas Solvie
1962-63 Dr. Jim Muller
1961-62 Dr. Paul Rozell
1960-61 Dr. Fred Grant
1959-60 Dr. Ewing Johnson
1958-59 Dr. Donald Dunn
1957-58 Dr. Daniel Frank
1956-57 Dr. Don Manchester
1955-56 Dr. Frank Jurdy
1954-55 Dr. Orval Burgner
1953-54 Dr. Gilbert Miller
1952-53 Dr. Alex Bell
1951-52 Dr. Paul Whittaker
1950-51 Dr. Sayers Boyd
1949-50 Dr. Ed Peterson
1948-49 Dr. Don Harvey
1947-48 Dr. Roland Barton
1946-47 Dr. Glen Parrish
1945-46 Dr. O. E. Broderson
1944-45 Dr. Leonard Edgar
1943-44 Dr. Gill Miller
1942-43 Dr. Todd Schimke
1941-42 Dr. Paul Downing
1940-41 Dr. Dick Deverearox
1939-40 Dr. Arnold Peterson
1938-39 Dr. Wes Moline
1937-38 Dr. Harry Morehouse
1936-37 Dr. Charles Olsen
1935-36 Dr. O. H. Woolson
1934-35 Dr. A. A. Litcher
1933-34 Dr. Charles Brown
1932-33 Dr. Bill Higgins
1931-32 Dr. Malcom Chipman
1930-31 Dr. George Phillips
1929-30 Dr. A. H. Jensen
1919-29 Dr. T. W. Baird
1918-19 Dr. Burt Lochard
. . . . Dr. Monroe
. . . . Dr. Bill Sherwood
. . . . Dr. Hugh Keenan
. . . . Dr. D. Lynott
. . . . Dr. A. Starke Oliver


Dr. William Petersen

President Elect
Dr. Ashley Ulmer

Secretary / Treasurer
Dr. Elisabeth Warder

Immediate Past-President
Dr. Mark Paxton

Executive Committee

Dr. Neill Mears
Dr. Kevin Truong
Dr. Rod Tataryn
Dr. Richard Bass
Dr. Lauren Van Gemert
Dr. Nick Velis
Dr. Heather Moore
Dr. Stephen Griffith
Dr. Michelle Dullanty

Dr. Andy Stein
Dr. Blake McKinley, Jr.
Dr. Amir Kazim


Budget & Finance
Steve Waite
Larry Lawton
Kevin Truong
Ashley Ulmer
Bill Petersen
Eric Ellingsen
Blake McKinley, Jr.
Neill Mears
Katherine Hakes

House of Delegates
Anthony Weber
Jonathan Judd
Ashley Ulmer
Neill Mears
Bill Petersen
Elisabeth Warder

Continuing Education
Becky Coombs, Co-Chair
Laura Wilson, Co-Chair
Erin Johnson
Travis Coulter

Legal Affairs/Peer Review
Lisa Ellingsen, Chair

Executive Director

Wendy Johnson, Executive Director

Spokane District Dental Society
23403 E Mission Ave, Suite 218, Liberty Lake, WA 99019

Tel: 509-838-0436
Fax: 509-838-5040
Email: wendy@spokanedentalsociety.org

Spokane District Dental Society Foundation

The Spokane District Dental Society Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote improved oral health and increased opportunities for delivery of dental care to those in need in our community. This is done through educational programs, collaboration with existing organizations, community programs and direct delivery of care.

American Dental Association/WSDA Position

Washington State Dental Association Positions

Board of Directors
Dr. Ashley Ulmer
Dr. Blake McKinley Jr.

Leadership Institute
Amir Kazim

Joseph Luchini

Budget & Finance Committee
Dr. William Petersen, Chair

American Dental Association Positions


23403 E Mission Ave, Suite 218
Liberty Lake, WA, 99019
Phone: 509-838-0436
Fax: 509-838-5040

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