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DOSH Respirator Requirement Update and Fit Test Resources
Dear Spokane District Dental Society,

Over the past month, WSDA has been in active discussion with the Division of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH), about directives it has issued related to mask and respirator requirements for dental offices and other work settings. The relevant directives are DOSH Directive 11.80 and DOSH Directive 1.70. In addition, DOSH has published an educational document entitled “Which Mask for Which Task?” that is informed by Directive 11.80.

As you will see in the below listed correspondence, WSDA has sought clarity around inconsistencies between Directives 11.80 and 1.70. WSDA has also advocated that dental care providers be held to a mask standard that is consistent with CDC guidelines for dental settings and for workers at a higher risk for COVID-19 transmission (as dental offices must currently follow guidelines more strict than those for workers in DOSH’s “Extremely High-Risk” category). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), no clusters of personnel who have tested positive for COVID-19 have been reported in dental settings or among dental healthcare personnel.

WSDA communication dated June 3, 2020
DOSH response dated June 11, 2020
WSDA communication dated June 17, 2020

To date, the issues identified by WSDA remain; however, DOSH is continuing to enforce a portion of DOSH Directive 1.70, which states that dental workers within 3 feet of an aerosolized dental procedure must wear a fit-tested N95 or KN95 respirator.

WSDA has engaged several parties on this issue and will continue to strongly advocate for DOSH to modify this Directive. While our efforts are ongoing, we have also put together a list of additional information and resources to help members comply with the current DOSH requirements. Please make sure to review what has been provided.

Additional Information

•  A summary of DOSH’s COVID-19 mask-related requirements can be found here (login required).
•  Learn more here (login required) about how DOSH is enforcing its masking directives for all workplaces.

Requirements for Using Fit-Tested Masks in Dental Offices

The following are the requirements for using fit-tested masks in dental offices as well as helpful resources for meeting these requirements.

•  Medical Evaluation – A medical evaluation must be completed by each person who is required to wear a respirator mask and the evaluation must be reviewed by a medical professional.
1.  Most third-party companies administering fit tests will also provide medical evaluations and have them reviewed by a medical professional.
2.  3M provides an online medical evaluation and review process for $29 per person with 2 free evaluations for new customers. Learn more here.
3.  Use the medical evaluation included in the Respiratory Protection Program template (below) and have it reviewed by a medical professional.

•  Initial Fit Test – An initial fit test must be conducted for every respirator mask model/type used by staff.
1.  Use a third-party company to administer the fit test in office or at the company’s location. WSDA has compiled a list of fit test companies by component society. View the list here.
2.  Self-administered fit test. A dental office may purchase a fit test kit and conduct fit tests for staff. Fit tests can be purchased online and instructions are included in the Respiratory Protection Program template (below).

•  Respiratory Protection Program – According to state and federal regulations, workplaces with workers that are required to wear fit-tested respirators must have an established Respiratory Protection Program. WSDA, in partnership with ERNwest, has developed a Respiratory Protection Program template exclusively for its members. This document was based on a California Dental Association document. Download the template here (login required).

N95 & Surgical Masks for WA Dentists

WSDA has continued to work on securing critical PPE for dentists. WSDA is excited to announce that we have secured 340,000 NIOSH-approved N95 masks and 560,000 surgical masks from the Washington State Emergency Management Division to be shipped directly to dentists by The Dentists Supply Company (TDSC).

Tuesday, June 23rd 2020, each practicing Washington dentist will be eligible to order a kit that will include 60 NIOSH-approved N95 masks and 100 ASTM Level 2 surgical masks. Please watch your email for details on how to order your masks.


Dr. Dennis Bradshaw
WSDA President

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