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COVID-19 Delta Dental Updates

For COVID-19, Delta Dental is helping out their Providers in a few different ways:

Grants: We are focusing on brand new practices, recently graduated dental professionals, recently expanded dental offices and those dental offices in smaller communities. This program will allow a maximum of $15,000 per practice from DDWA to them to help keep them afloat during this time. We’ll be giving away a total of $10 million dollars in grant dollars. As of 4/2, there were approximately 1,000 applications for grants that had come in since this announcement that went out on 3/26.

We now pay for tele-dentistry, which we have not paid for in the past.

Payment Advances – we have calculated out 25% of each dentist’s average weekly reimbursement for claims. We will provide that dollar amount to dental offices to help pay for expenses, etc. while they are forced to have their doors closed for preventive services. Here is the article that the ADA picked up: Delta Dental member companies begin offering financial assistance during pandemic

Here is a reminder of the changes Delta Dental is starting to make with Provider fees:

•  We are moving from approximately 20,000 unique fee schedules across the state down to 50. The change will result in a fee increase for most dentists, which will be the first increase in 9 years. In fact, 9 years ago, we decreased their fees.
•  This new model will set the providers up to earn more reimbursement based on more preventive treatment patterns.
•  This supports our mission of no one being left behind.
•  Average fee increase is 2-5% for each dentist, with dentists in Eastern WA more toward the 5% increase level.
•  Applies to both PPO and Premier dentists.
•  The first phase is to General Dentists and Pediatric Dentists effective June 1, on a voluntary basis and accounts for about 1,100 dentists.
•  What I like about this is the fact employers and dentists will now have the same mission and ultimately, patients will benefit.

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